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Paul and Carrie Gallagher have between them worked for some of the most reveered and established Royal Housholds both in the UK and Middle East.  This experiance coupled with their ability to tailor requests to suit the client stands them head and shoulders above others.



Carrie Gallagher
Carrie has worked for over 20 years in hospitality, and for the past 12 year has been working within Private Service for VIP families and estates. Carrie has worked at Buckingham Palace and a number of Royal Palaces within the Middle East.
Paul Gallagher
Paul is a career Chef. He has a wealth of experience cooking at the highest level. He has held senior positions within the Royal Kitchens at Buckingham Palace, and Head chef positions in the Middle East. Paul has travelled extensively and can draw upon his travels working on Super Yachts and Private Aircraft to enhance your dining experience.

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